As a diverse global gateway, SeaPort Manatee can handle a variety of bulk, break bulk, containerized and heavy lift project cargos. SeaPort Manatee offers excellent highway connectivity, a congestion free environment as well as on-dock-rail.

Added to support SeaPort Manatee’s cargo mix are four Gottwald mobile harbor cranes and one Liebherr mobile harbor crane capable of handling a variety of commodities at multiple berth locations. These cranes each have a lift capacity of 120 tons at 80 feet and a tandem lift capacity of 165 tons making this the highest tandem lift capacity of any Florida Port. SeaPort Manatee’s 70 acres of laydown area with competitive free time as well as 1200 PSF capacity make it a competitive choice for project cargo.


  • Mobile harbor cranes equipped with clam-buckets
  • 40 feet deep water draft
  • Previously handled bulk commodities include liquid petroleum products, citrus juice, dry aggregates, salt, and agricultural products 


  • Mobile harbor cranes with a lift capacity of 120 tons each
  • 20 acres intermodal yard
  • Ample laydown area of 70 acres
  • Previously handled breakbulk commodities include used vehicles, steel, aluminum, lumber, plywood, fencing, wood pulp, fruit, and vegetables.


  • Four container spreaders
  • Fast efficient truck turn times
  • Three mobile harbor cranes can handle 25-30 lifts an hour
  • Closest US port to the Panama Canal
  • Two to three-day transit time to Central American and Mexican ports


  • Five mobile harbor cranes, the highest tandem lift capacity of any Florida port
  • 70 acres ample laydown area