Planning – Masterplan

The Manatee County Port Authority approved the latest update of SeaPort Manatee’s $750 million master plan in 2016. It provides a strategic vision and framework for continued diverse growth of the port for the coming decade and beyond while concentrating on generating local, regional, and statewide economic benefits. An electronic copy of the Master Plan is available on the Port Publications webpage.

Planning & Development Photo

Development – Master Development Plan

The Master Development Plan (MDP) approval process was established for manufacturing properties by the State of Florida in 2013. Per these state statutes, a local program was adopted by Manatee County in 2015. Seaport Manatee received approval to utilize this process in June 2022. The approved MDP expires in June 2042.

Development projects built on port property within this timeframe bypass formal site plan review by Manatee County and applicants only need to secure Manatee County building permits and state-level permits for development. The MDP also qualifies future port projects with an expedited state development review process with state-level permitting agencies.

The Port has developed the two following resources to guide development consultants through the MDP process:

Economic Development – Land Use and Zoning Incentives

Manatee County has adopted several unique land use and zoning provisions to encourage economic development in Southwest Florida.
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