The Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as TWIC®, is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for workers who need access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities/vessels, and others who require a TWIC®.

SeaPort Manatee Security operates a TWIC Enrollment Center under contract with the Transportation Security Administration and its contractor. Information regarding enrollment requirements and to make an appointment for enrollment, please visit

SeaPort Manatee Permits and Licenses

To enroll in the port’s access control system, the applicant must:

  • Possess a valid TWIC as required under federal law
  • Demonstrate a verifiable business purpose to enter the port
  • Go to the port’s credentialing office to electronically scan and validate the TWIC. Individuals must know their TWIC pin code to enroll their credential. (Individuals who do not know their pin code must visit the TWIC Enrollment Center to reset the code)
  • Pay the appropriate fee