SeaPort Manatee’s property encompasses 1,100 acres inside the fence with more than 5,000 acres of privately owned land ripe for development. 

The port offers more than 1 million square feet of public warehouse and office space featuring 207,000 square feet of refrigerated space.

We have the following lots available for lease – please refer to facility map:

  1. 23 acres, 0.75 miles from the dock 
  2. 24 acres, 130 feet from the dock 
  3. 10 acres, 1.7 miles from the dock (located off port) 
  4. 2 acres (located off port) 
  5. 52 acres (located off port)
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Multiple initiatives are in place in and around SeaPort Manatee to encourage development by businesses seeking to capitalize upon proximity to the port and its facilities. Both new projects and expansion of existing facilities are supported by these initiatives.

The Florida International Gateway (FIG) is an area within the Florida International Gateway Improvement District which encompasses nearly 5,000 acres of largely undeveloped land adjacent to SeaPort Manatee.

The FIG area features excellent highway and rail connectivity, customized economic development incentives and expedited permitting. No other property within Florida offers more direct, extensive, and beneficial incentives to attract the development of logistically focused manufacturing, processing, warehousing and distribution facilities. With the cooperation of the Manatee County Port Authority, Manatee County government and the State of Florida, land within the district offers an unrivaled array of incentives, effectively leveling the economic development playing field with neighboring states

The Florida International Gateway Improvement District is located on Tampa Bay and is inclusive of SeaPort Manatee, east to Interstate 75, extending from the Manatee County line on the north to Buckeye Road on the south.

The district generates revenues for the port area from tax increment financing. This does not mean taxes are higher, just more of the dollars generated stay focused on this specific area of the county. These dollars are deposited into the SeaPort Manatee Improvement Trust Fund and may be used for a variety of port-related activities in the district


Manatee County has established the Planned Development Encouragement Zone (PDEZ) to facilitate preapproval of a variety of land uses for local property owners. The PDEZ encourages port-compatible development on vacant lands in the vicinity of SeaPort Manatee and provides an entitlement with no expiration date. This makes properties marketable for a wider variety of uses without worry of expiration of entitlements. This district is available to all property owners in the area.


Lands within 3 miles of SeaPort Manatee are granted automatic exemption from State of Florida Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) Program requirements. This exemption can furnish significant time and cost benefits.


Expedited review of all county permitting related to building and development in the SeaPort Manatee area is provided by the Manatee County Economic Development Team.


An economic development incentive (EDI) grant program is available to companies creating a minimum of five high-wage jobs. The amount of the grant is customized based upon the number of jobs created and the average annual wage and is paid based on performance over a five-year period.


The transportation impact fee incentive provides relief from road impact fees to expanding, new or relocating businesses that create at least five quality jobs meeting standardized criteria within the area of SeaPort Manatee.


Additional incentives are available through various local and state economic development agencies.


Qualified businesses may benefit from extended privileges provided by SeaPort Manatee’s Foreign-Trade Zone No. 169.